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Flat Roofing in Loughborough | Why Domestic and Commercial Property Owners Choose Us

Are you looking for a flat roofing specialist in the Loughborough area? Whether you’re a private residential homeowner, a local business or responsible for council and public properties, Hart Property Services meets all your rubber roofing needs. From market-leading EPDM roofs to swift, effective flat roof repairs, our friendly team adapts to your unique requirements. Having chosen the benefits of flat roofs, it’s equally vital to find a company who can optimise them for you with an impeccable installation. Fortunately, you’ve already found us.

There are many factors that make a great flat roofing specialist. For your convenience, we have looked below at some of the reasons why our many satisfied clients in Loughborough and the neighbouring areas choose and recommend our rubber roofing services.

Are you interested in installing one of our EPDM roofs? Do you need flat roof repairs? Call us on 0800 865 4278 or 07525 536 754 to schedule an initial consultation.

Why People Choose Us for Flat Roofs

Would you feel comfortable leaving your property’s electrical system in the hands of a novice electrician? Would you want an inexperienced plumber working on your drainage network? Most property improvement work represents a significant investment, the results of which you will live with for many years.

As such, there’s no substitute for experience. This is as true for flat roofs – and flat roof repairs – as any other service.

The team at Hart Property Services shares more than 40 years in the flat roofing trade. You can rely on us to deliver an immaculate finish for your rubber roofing. In addition, you also have the peace of mind that our personnel always conduct themselves professionally while working at your Loughborough property.

Market-leading EPDM Roofs
We believe it’s impossible to overstate the value of experience. But it’s just as important that we work with superior products to ensure your rubber roofing provides years of service. By combining the two, we offer you and other property owners the complete flat roofing package.

We source materials for our flat roofs from Firestone Building Products. As the leading manufacturer for domestic and commercial EPDM roofs, they provide the level of quality we are proud to associate with.

Hart Property Services also uses Unibond adhesives and sealants for new installations and flat roof repairs in Loughborough. Having been in the flat roofing industry for so long, we know and trust Unibond products as one of the best on the market today.

Domestic and Commercial Flat Roofs
Private residential homeowners require a different service from that of a commercial property owner. Like any reputable rubber roofing specialist, we don’t offer a uniform approach to try and satisfy all needs. Instead, we deliver a bespoke service designed to deliver the most benefits for you as an individual.

For domestic EPDM roofs and flat roof repairs, we recognise the sense of intrusion. No one wants their Loughborough home to become a building site. For commercial flat roofing, we often work out of hours or during quieter periods to minimise the impact of daily business.

Because each service differs from the last, the best way to find out how we will approach your own rubber roofing installation is to get in touch. Our friendly team are always on hand to help.

Call us on 0800 865 4278 or 07525 536 754 for more information about our flat roofing services in and around Loughborough.

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