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Flat Roof Repairs in Coventry, Loughborough, Leicester and Across the Midlands

The EPDM roofs we install have outstanding durability and a hardwearing nature. However, no material is indestructible. While our flat roofing materials withstand the effects of weathering for decades, sometimes accidents happen. Whether it’s falling tree branches, sharp debris, wildlife or storm damage, misfortune can strike at any time. Fortunately, Hart Property Services provides quick large-scale flat roof repairs at domestic and commercial properties across the Midlands.

Our Coventry-based team covers all surrounding locations, from Leicester to Loughborough. Some of our key service regions include Leicestershire and Warwickshire. For an insight into the quality of our service, please read our testimonials.

Due to their UV stability, impressive flexibility and all-round durability, EPDM roofs tend not to fail before reaching the end of their lifespan. As such, small-scale fixes aren’t usually necessary, so we focus our flat roof repairs on larger needs.

These bigger flat roofing problems often leave homes and workplaces exposed to the elements without warning. By focusing our resources on performing partial and full reroofing work, we return properties back to a watertight condition as quickly as possible.

Do you need flat roof repairs in and around Coventry, Leicester and Loughborough? Call Hart Property Services on 0800 865 4278 or 07525 536 754 for a swift response.

Tailor-made Flat Roof Repairs

EPDM roofs come in all manner of sizes and suffer damage in unique ways. There’s no one-size-fits all approach to repair work. Like any reputable flat roofing specialist, Hart Property Services provides bespoke solutions tailored to suit your specific needs.

In many cases, we trace the issues we encounter back to improper or incorrect installations by property owners or other companies. One of the most common problems in this regard is shrinkage.

Due to its light weight, cold-application process and relative ease to lay, many business and homeowners in Coventry, Loughborough and the neighbouring areas opt for DIY or cut-price installations.

While trained experts in EPDM roofs can optimise your installation for decades of performance, poor installations have the opposite effect. Not only do they fail to unlock the benefits of this market-leading material, they make early repair work much more likely too.

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It is essential, then, to leave flat roof repairs – and new installations – in the hands of experienced professionals.

At Hart Property Services, we utilise over 40 years of flat roofing knowledge to diagnose the issue with your roof. We perform a thorough inspection that covers the roofing membrane and the underlying structure.

As a result, you have complete peace of mind that the flat roof repairs we recommend offer a comprehensive, cost-effective resolution.

Whether you’re in Coventry, Leicester, Loughborough or the surrounding areas, we are the trusted choice for fast, effective repairs to EPDM roofs in the Midlands.

Call us on 0800 865 4278 or 07525 536 754 to tell us which flat roof repairs you require in Coventry, Loughborough or any other location in the Midlands.

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