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Flat Roofs in Coventry | Roofing Maintenance Tips for Winter

Flat roofing can suffer from damage or leaks at any time of the year but, with increased rainfall, falling temperatures, ice and snow, every homeowner wants to reduce the likelihood of needing flat roof repairs in winter. Our Coventry-based rubber roofing experts share more than 40 years of trade experience, so we regularly advise domestic and commercial property owners on how to protect their flat roofs.

EPDM roofs have outstanding durability and a hardwearing design. By carrying out regular visual checks and undertaking any subsequent maintenance work, you can maximise the lifespan of your installation.

Below, we list our top maintenance tips for flat roofing in Coventry. Please note that to avoid significant flat roof repairs, you should perform these actions at the start of the winter season before the worst of the weather has a chance to impact your felt, fibreglass or rubber roofing.

Clear Debris

It is not only rain and lower temperatures that come with the winter months, but stronger winds too. These gusts blow all manner of dirt and debris onto the roof. While most of this debris is harmless and will get blown away again, other types, if left in place, can cause damage to EPDM roofs. As such, it is important to remain vigilant to debris on flat roofing. Plastic bags, packaging and light waste can fall into guttering systems and downspouts to cause blockages.

The same is true for leaves and twigs in the autumn. We design flat roofs which allow for faster water drainage. If a blockage develops at your Coventry property, rainfall cannot run off as intended. As a result, it will either pool and add extra weight to the structure, or it finds another way out.

If water penetrates through rubber roofing, you run the risk of developing a leak. Once this happens, you will require flat roof repairs to stop the situation from worsening.

Repair Flashing

You must always add a visual check of the flashing into any winter roof maintenance checklist. Even just by looking, you can learn a lot. Is it in good condition? Does it look secure or is it coming away at the edges? Can you spot any other damage? If you see any abnormalities, you should undertake the necessary repairs as soon as possible. With expertise in flat roofs, Hart Property Services can meet all requirements.

Failure to repair damaged flashing can result in widespread problems across the entire flat roofing structure.

If you ignore it, you could find moisture entering your home or workplace. Our rubber roofing experts from Coventry apply flashing at vulnerable points where water can easily ingress. By exposing the weakest areas of EPDM roofs to penetration from water, you could find yourself in need of major flat roof repairs – especially if mould and rot set in.

Remove Snow

We’re sure you don’t need us to tell you, but the British weather is unpredictable at the best of times. While you may suffer inconvenience from bad weather for all manner of reasons, flat roofing bears the brunt of seasonal changes day in, day out. This includes snow. While fresh snow may look pretty on rubber roofing, it can wreak havoc if it doesn’t melt away quickly. This is especially true for older flat roofs where their surfaces have seen better days.

Fresh snow weighs more than you might expect, so leaving it in place adds significant strain to the roofing structure.

This weight only increases if the snow hardens into ice. This could lead to large-scale flat roof repairs. In fact, even if the snow starts to melt, lingering chunks of ice can still cause problems on EPDM roofs in Coventry or the Midlands area. Ice dams block water from flowing off your roof. When temperatures dip at night, pools of water freeze again.

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